Submissions are open for Issue Three.

We’re here to celebrate and amplify queer voices.

We want to share queerness in its infinite artistic forms; in stories and poems and prose and photos and drawings and paintings (and in art that doesn’t fit into a category, too).

We want to share art that explores the construction of gender and sexuality and identity and how that affects individuals & groups; but also queer hopes, queer traditions & families, queer politics, queer art and queer history and queer bodies.

Some general submission guidelines:

  • There is no word count limit for any type of submission.

  • Send your submission as an attachment (Word documents, PDFs, and JPEGs preferred) to

  • Email your submission with a note about why you’re submitting to Chronotope and a short bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my art need to be about queerness for it to be included in Chronotope?
No, it does not. We accept submissions on all topics, as long as the creator self-identifies as queer.

When can I expect to hear back from you about my submission?
We review submissions on a rolling basis. Because we’re a very small operation, this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Do you accept photo submissions?
Yes, we do!